Johnathan Calton

My name is Johnathan Calton, I am from Shreveport, LA, and one of the most unique things about me is I’m an identical twin. I have been dancing and involved in other arts for over 20 years.  My mother danced professionally, so my twin and I were very privileged to attend rehearsals with her, and also help out on set. I remember how it felt to sit in the audience and watch while she performed a ballet piece or an African dance routine. I couldn’t contain myself so I began to practice and learn dance in the comfort of my own home because I was shy and remember not wanting anyone to think of me different. I learned to dance by watching music videos, and mimicking people like Michael Jackson. I learned to moon walk in my kitchen while listening to Thriller and washing dishes. I later ventured into acting where I was a main character in a play about “The History of Music.”  Obviously, I had to perform a few dances in this play while acting, lip singing, and quoting poetry.  I was able to showcase different styles of dance like: ballroom, hip hop, modern, and a few more.  I was able to do what I had a passion for, and that was dancing and acting.  I have been teaching dance in the communities of Ruston and Grambling since 2006. I attended a conference through AMTC (Actors, Models, & Talent for Christ) where I had the opportunity to showcase many of my talents. Since the SHINE conference I am represented by the Linicomn Agency, Avery Sister’s out of Atlanta, GA, and Clavon Management MTM out of New York. I am looking forward to what happens in the near future.

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Model / Actor / Dancer / Host

Height: 6’0′
Waist: 32
Chest: 34
Pant: 32 x 32
Neck: 15 1/2
Shoe: 10 1/2
Eyes: Hazel



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