John Calton

My name is John Calton and I’ve been entertaining people since I was in the third grade. One of the most entertaining things people find about me is that I have an identical twin brother. I’m from Shreveport, La. My goal is to touch and bless as many lives possible with my gifts and talents. It can be playing a violin song to soothe your soul, dancing and grooving to a song that makes you want to move your body, modeling an outfit in a way that makes someone want to wear the same outfit with a new level of confidence and self esteem, or acting in a role that enhances a company’s brand or making someone relate to a character and be more in touch with a film. I remember having big performances when growing up and being so nervous at first. The cheers, applauds and compliments afterwards were very satisfying. Later the nervousness became a thrive to perfect my gifts and talents to continue impacting people’s lives. My satisfaction comes through having a positive impact on and letting my cup runneth over into people’s lives with what God has blessed me with.